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Monday 30thJanuary 2012

MSP Engineering’s sister company FeCon Solutions Pty Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of FeCon Limited) recently announced the formalisation of its relationship with Doppelmayr Transport Technologies (DTT), through the execution of an exclusive Agency Agreement to promote and distribute Doppelmayr’s RopeCon® systems in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Dopplemayr are an Austrian based company with a long established business, who are world leaders in the design and installation of Ski lifts and Gondola systems globally and have 60% of the world’s market share in this field.

Doppelmayr Transport Technologies and their RopeCon® system have been developed from these technologies and essentially comprise a conveyor belt system which is suspended from cables, held aloft by pylons.

The RopeCon® system offers significant advantages through its ability to span large distances in a single pass, with spans of up to 1,000 meters, dependent on terrain conditions and system capacity. They are ideally suited to traversing rugged terrain, waterways, infrastructure and environmentally sensitive areas and provides cost advantages and appropriate solutions in these applications. Current installations have capacities up to 6,000tph and DTT have fully designed and engineered systems with capacities up to 25,000tph, making these systems applicable to bulk commodity transport and ship loading.

 MSP project managed the installation of the Simberi RopeCon® System in Papua New Guinea (below) in 2008. This installation is 2.65km long and suspended on three pylons between the loading and unloading stations. It has a capacity of 600tph and generates 500kw of useable electrical power in its down- hill run.

RopeCon® systems have significantly lower operating costs than conventional conveyors, due to low frictional resistance and very high availability. They are incredibly quiet and have minimal structural footprint.

For further information please contact FeCon Solutions on +61 8 6241 4960 or visit http://www.fecon.com.au/

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