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As of Monday 3rd November 2008, McSweeney Partners Pty Ltd has changed its company name to MSP Engineering Pty Ltd.

The recent company name change reflects the move away of the business from Mr Peter McSweeney as the sole director and owner of MSP.

With the introduction of key stakeholders, Mr Craig Burton and Mr David McSweeney, in December 2007 and the recent November 2008 staff appointments of long time business associates Mr Daren Tetley, Mr Jeff Welch and Mr Scott Bonser as senior management and shareholders of the company.

Mr Peter McSweeney, Managing Director of MSP said " I believe that the introduction of Scott Bonser, Jeff Welch and Daren Tetley as partners in the future business of MSP, and the recent company name change to MSP Engineering Pty Ltd, supports and reflects MSP's mission to grow through a collaborative relationship with clients whilst providing a culture which continues to develop and incentivise our people to excel."

MSP Engineering Pty Ltd has recently opened a West Perth office at Suite 2, 2 Richardson Street, West Perth in addition to its Balcatta Head Office.

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