MSP Awarded Low Grade Iron Ore Beneficiation Testwork Studies

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Perth-based process and engineering company MSP Engineering (MSP) is pleased to announce that they have been engaged to conduct a number of detailed beneficiation Iron ore testwork programmes and studies for mid tier Perth based iron ore producers over the past six months.

MSP has also recently designed and constructed a modular low grade iron ore beneficiation plant for the West Australian iron ore industry and are considered experts in beneficiation of low grade iron ore.

MSP’s Managing Director, Mr Peter McSweeney, states “beneficiation of low-grade iron ore provides superior solutions to iron ore producers contemplating downstream value adding of the low grade DSO iron ore resources.  The industry is recognising that their resource sizes can be greatly enhanced and extended if they can find cost effective, simple processing solutions which maximise yields whilst maintaining product quality and grades”.

“It is most likely that the raft of junior and mid tier iron ore exporters and emerging producers will apply the technology in the first instance, whilst the majors undertake a longer term view on the technology application.  However, in final analysis, downstream beneficiation of most DSO deposits is enviable and we feel we have the latest and most effective knowledge in low cost processing solutions, which is already demonstrated in large scale industry applications”, Mr McSweeney added.

MSP Engineering also has extensive experience in the design, installation and operation of mineral processing facilities incorporating gravity and grinding process technology and is available to assist clients in accessing the beneficiation solution and its application in meeting their business needs.

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