Talison Minerals Complete Innovative Cyclone Refuge Shelter at its Wodgina Minesite

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It has been little more than 12 months since Cyclone George crossed the Pilbara coast at Port Hedland, causing extensive damage to both plant and infrastructure at Talison Minerals  Wodgina Operations located 120km south of Port Hedland.

At the time of the cyclone, the site operations initiated its cyclone response plan which involved securing the site and mustering all personnel in a secure area located at the plant site. The response plan was implemented successfully without injuries.Cyclone George caused extensive damage to key infrastructure and essential services at Wodgina including communication, which made it extremely difficult to establish communication with the outside world immediately after the cyclone event also to secure the asset and reestablish the operations post of the event.

Talison decided to review the operation needs with respect to providing a dedicated cyclone refuge shelter which not only provided a public
assembly point but also encapsulated the essential administration and infrastructure services both during and post cyclone events.

As part of the review, Talison engaged McSweeney Partners Pty Ltd consulting engineering to provide several recommendations for a facility to house 180 occupants during a cyclonic event.
In consultation between parties, it was decided to design and construct a facility which encapsulated and fortified the existing camp administration facility and dry mess. The structure was designed to the Australian Building Code as a public building in a region 'D' cyclonic area and incorporated provision for ambulances, backup power first aid facility, accommodations, potable water capable of supporting 180 men for 48 hours minimum.

The refuge facility was formally opened in May 2008 by Talison Senior Management.

The facility is believed to be the first of its kind on a remote minesite in the Pilbara Region and demonstrates Talisons commitment to providing a safe work environment for all its employees.

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