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Monday, 28th March 2011

In 2011, MSP Engineering agreed to sponsor the WASM Wallabies in the 33rd International Collegiate Mining Competition, in Reno, Nevada.


On May 2nd, 1972 fire broke out in the Sunshine Mine, near Kellogg, Idaho, USA. At the time 178 miners were working in the mine. Carbon Monoxide, heat, and smoke spread quickly through the tunnels, hampering efforts of rescue workers. Initially, 85 miners escaped safely and two more were rescued seven days later. On May 13, the last of the 91 victims were brought out. The tragedy was the country's worst hard rock mining disaster since 1917. The International Collegiate Mining Competition started in 1978, to honour and remember the men; and families of the men who tragically perished in the disaster.

The Competition consists of events involving traditional mining techniques. The events are Air Legging, Mucking, Hand Steeling, Swede saw, Survey, Gold Panning and Track Stand. The Competition is the largest event of its kind; attracting a very competitive field from Mining Colleges worldwide.

In the 2010 edition of the games, held in Kalgoorlie, the centre of mining in Western Australia, WASM Wallabies fielded a team that ended up dominating the competition. The finished with victories in 3 of the 7 events and had an overall placing of first. It was the first time in the games history that the WASM Wallabies had won the event.

This year the WASM Wallabies are departing with a certain sense of pressure to their names, however, the wallabies will leave with a confident air about them, knowing that they have trained hard over the last three months. A win in the completion, may be out of the question, but a place in the top ten certainly is not.
The WASM Wallabies would like to thank MSP Engineering for the gracious support and generosity they have displayed in sponsoring our efforts to embark to the United States of America for the 2011 International Collegiate Mining Competition. The Wallabies hope, that in future years, MSP Engineering would continue to support our Mining Games endeavours.

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