Tianqi Lithium Hydroxide Processing Plant - Refractory Lining Package Awarded

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In June 2017, MSP Engineering Pty Ltd (MSPE), as Head Contractor, appointed Civmec Construction and Engineering Pty Ltd (Civmec) as the refractory contractor to undertake the refractory lining systems, including the lining design, material supply, installation, and dry out of over 700 tonnes of refractory materials as part of the construction of the lithium processing plant in Kwinana, Western Australia.

This is the first Lithium Hydroxide processing plant of its type to be built in Australia. Once in production the facilities annual output will be approx. 24,000 tonnes per annum, of battery grade lithium hydroxide.

The project is being constructed in response to the growing demand for lithium hydroxide, a key component in the manufacture of rechargeable batteries, which are used in various applications including electric vehicles, home storage systems, power tools and consumer electronics.

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